There are many ways to support our mission, and we appreciate them all!


With over $800,000 a year between what the Developmental Disabilities Administration pays us as a provider and what it takes to provide quality services for the people we support, we rely heavily on donations. Please consider being a monthly sponsor or making a one-time donation.


Our volunteers work directly with the people we support in the community or at one of the centers, doing arts and crafts, performing music, or doing any other engaging activity they want to do! We also always need volunteers for landscaping projects. No matter what you would like to do, we’ll be glad to have you! Volunteer page coming soon. Please reach out to Cathy at with questions.


Be a friend to the disability community. Click here to learn about current relevant legislation, pay a visit to our education and advocacy page, and consider accessibility when designing public spaces. Talk to people with disabilities!

Save the Date!

Sponsor or attend one of our events! Next up: 2023’s Spooky Soiree! Join us on October 21 at Richlin Ballroom for an adult costume party, live music, dinner, and dancing!

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