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Meaningful Day

It is our goal that every person we support will have a meaningful day every day as he or she defines it.

Meaningful Day Services are designed to support adults of varying abilities in pursuing their goals of employment, skill acquisition, community integration, and independence.

Before receiving services, every person we support undergoes a process called Person Centered Planning. Every Person Centered Plan identifies each person’s idea of a good life; Individual goals are set based on how to best reach that self identified good life. The most appropriate services are identified accordingly.

Programming is varied and matched with an individual’s interests and abilities. Programming is primarily in the COMMUNITY.  In the past, centered-based activities were the focus. 

Some of the programming areas include:​

Domestics: Controlling personal resources, handling money, shopping, planning and preparing meals, eating in restaurants, etc.

Pre-vocational:  exploring different job sites, shadowing people on the job, volunteering at local charities and businesses, learning computer skills, attending workshops on writing resumes and answering interview questions, etc. ​

Arts :  attending live performances, going to museums, exploring cultural interests at the library, etc.

Recreation:  Zumba, bowling, going to the park, etc.