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Thank you for considering the Harford Center!

Admissions Checklist:

  1. Make an appointment for the participant, family, and Coordinator of Community Services to receive a presentation to learn about the services we offer.
  2. Submit the following to Melissa Cooper by email here, by fax at 410-939-4426, or by mail at 4 North Earlton Road, Havre de Grace MD 20178:
    A. Application
    B. Results of Last Physical
    C. Psychological Assessment, if applicable
    D. List of hospitalizations for medical or psychological reasons, if applicable
    E. Person Centered Plan (PCP) and/or Individual Education Plan (IEP)
    F. List of medications with dosages and physicians who prescribed them
    G. Matrix Score
    H. HRST – Health Risk Screening Tool Assessment
    I. Documentation of Waiver Status
    J. Documentation of your Request for Service Change
    K. Any other appropriate supporting documentation
  3. Once these documents have been received, the information therein will be presented to our admissions committee. The individual and Coordinator of Community Services will be notified of the decision via phone call and letter.