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Our staff help support people in achieving desired outcomes from community and pre-vocational activities​. They act as advocates for the people we serve,ensuring that every person’s needs are met with dignity and respect. They promote health and safety for all individuals served in all settings and activities.

Our staff is highly trained to prevent and respond to medical emergencies. Every member of our staff has been certified in CPR and First Aid; several are Certified Medication Technicians working under the delegation of Dimensional Health Care Services. For participants receiving delegated nursing services, Dimensional provides case management, 45 day on site visits, and assessments. Nurses from Dimensional are available to answer questions and offer guidance regarding all of our participants. Every member of the Harford Center staff is trained in Bloodborne Pathogens, communicable diseases, and Seizure Disorders.

Every member of our staff is also trained in community integration and inclusion​, person-centered planning, general characteristics and needs of individuals served​, fundamental rights of individuals with developmental disabilities​, supporting individuals and families in making choices, communication skills, the aging process and special needs of the elderly, abuse and neglect prevention, and principles of behavior change​ .

Additionally, every member of the staff is trained to meet the specific needs of the individuals they serve and to carry out their assigned duties.