Featured Testimonial:

Linda Myers, Mom of Adam Myers

November 27, 2018

Testimonial for Personal Support Services

The care that the Harford Center staff has offered my Adam over the past year as we transitioned  from the youth Autism Waiver to Adult Services has been exceptional. I find the center staff to be pleasant, professional and available when I reach out to them.

Our three Personal Support Staff keep Adam physically and mentally active in the evenings and on weekends. They provide him an interesting and wonderful quality of life between trying new foods, performing personal care tasks, social outings and shopping. They send videos and photos of their comings and goings most days. I often envy Adam’s active social life!!

Bianca, Mark and Parth have become extended family to us. Sending my non verbal son out into the world requires incredible faith and belief in the goodness of others. With their experience and training I trust they can safely and caringly see him through any challenging behavior situations that may occur.

My family and I are appreciative of our friends at the Harford Center. We look forward to the future as we work together for Adam’s continued success.

Accomplishments at a glance

Orion Safe Driving Award 2018​

100% of PCP meetings this year were held with the individual present​

100% of goals this year were Person-Centered​

25 individuals received paid employment this year (up from 6 in 2018)​

From January 1, 2018-December 31, 2018- The participants went on 1,972 community activities (up from 900 last year)​

​This totaled 27,245 hours!​

  • 40 individuals receiving pre-vocational services​
  • 25 individuals receiving competitive wages​
  • Some Jobs include:​
  • Mason Dixon Federal Bags​
  • Delivering food in Street Maryland through a grant with Harford County Community Services​
  • APG​
  • Highland Senior Center​