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Personal Supports

Personal Support Services are provided in a person’s own home or community and usually take place after regular work hours and on weekends.

Personal Support services enable individuals to accomplish tasks that they would do for themselves if they did not have a disability. We provide regular personal assistance, support, supervision, and training to assist the individual to participate fully in their home and community life. Personal supports are provided on an episodic or on a continuing basis. The main intent in this service is to provide wrap-around supports to individuals who live with their families and need additional supports beyond the 6 hour Meaningful Day or Supported Employment hours.

Personal supports include, but are not limited to:​ Hands-on assistance, prompting, and cuing that enables the waiver participant to use assistive technology or accomplish tasks they are unable to perform independently due to a physical disability, including assistance with activities of daily living, mobility, housework, and cooking. ​