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Pamela Jo Gwaltney

Pamela Jo Gwaltney
Havre de Grace
Community Member
Standing Committee Chair
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The child of an army officer and wife of the same, Ms. Gwaltney is a world traveler.  She began school in Verdun, France, and graduated from high school in Seoul, Korea. She went on to earn her BS in Physical Anthropology from the University of Arkansas, and her Masters in Education from Emory University. Ms. Gwaltney spent many years as a teacher before she retired. She enjoys traveling and new experiences, and speaks shopping and menu in many languages. Now that she travels less, she enjoys gardening, crafting, and spending time with her kittens.

Ms. Gwaltney has been on The Harford Center’s Board for more than ten years. She has long recognized the need for Meaningful Day services in our community. When her niece, who had multiple disabilities, left school, she spent a lot of time watching TV and very little time having meaningful experiences in the community. Ms. Gwaltney feels strongly that every person deserves dignity and respect. She values The Harford Center’s commitment to community integration. She has been inspired by the bravery and humor of some of the center’s participants, and she appreciates their dedication to giving back. Her favorite memory of the Center is when the participants baked cookies and took them to the first responders in Havre de Grace and Churchville. “The happiness and pride [were] palpable,” says Pam. “If you want big hearts, go to The Harford Center. EVERYONE there is amazing.”

Favorite Quote: “Life is the greatest fairy tale of all.” – HC Andersen