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Thank you and a big shout out to our friends at Veteran Compost! They took us on a tour of their facilities and taught us all about how compost is made (see pictures and videos below).

Veteran Compost is a local company that sells organic crab compost, all-natural compost, worm castings, bio-charge, potting mix, topsoil and more. They offer residential and commercial collection, special event composting, and organic waste drop-off. Their mission is to employ veterans and turn food scraps into high quality organic compost. Their website states:

“Our goal is to fuel our growth with people and material that others pass over.

Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans have an unemployment rate that exceeds the national average.  That means that a combat vet has a harder time getting a job than the average person.

Two thirds of the material that gets thrown away in the United States every year is compostable.

So, there’s plenty of people and material to fuel our growth.”

Please support this wonderful company! Visit their website here!

Our Tour of Veteran Compost