GOAL: TO accumulate capital that can be saved and invested to assure that the Harford Centerís programs for individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities can continue to operate even in years when the public funding that has sustained the Center is not available.

HISTORY: The Harford Center has been very fortunate over the past 50 years to receive support for individual clients with disabilities through the State of Marylandís funding. Harford County Government has provided grant funds to the Center to allow safe, active and an enriched environment and programming for the clients.

The Harford Center Board of Directors and staff recognized in the last Strategic Plan the possibility of problems in future funding and asked that a Foundation be formed to address the future security of our clients. It was also recognized that it will take great effort and time to supplant what is currently enjoyed in public funding, but the time to start is now.

A committee has been formed and will begin fundraising activities. This committee will organize itself as the Harford Center, Inc. Foundation.

Committee members include: Barbara Risacher and Helen Chapman from the current Board of Directors; Janet Mills, Sandy Arrington and Nicole Adams from the Harford Center staff; Robert Gavlinski, Eve Holbrook and Jen Holbrook from the Family, Friends and Staff Association (FFSA); Ken Mills and Stephanie Sauter from the business community. Additional members from the business community will be solicited.

The first planned event will be an Art Contest and Auction to be held October 23, 2010. To indicate a willingness to participate, please call Sandy Arrington at the Harford Center, 410-575-6795 or 410-939-1420.